Bonuses - are additional funds in the real money playing mode which are accrued to bonuses part of balance.

What bonuses give?
1. You can make bets in bonuses as well as in real money.
2. Bonuses are wagered in all games.
3. After the wagering the bonuses are converted into real money.
4. Bonuses are not obliged to anything and don't limit withdraw.

How to wager bonuses?
For bonus wagering it is necessary to make the bets amount which is counted on following formula:

bets amount* = amount of accrued bonus x wagering coefficient**

Bets are taken into account in all games (see below for details: «Table of bets account»).

To see the coefficient of accrued bonus and to observe for it’s wagering, you can in section Cashier >> My bonuses.

* This is an amount of all winning and losing bets in real money.
** Standart coefficient of bonus is equal 60 (for Vip is 55), if there is no other coefficient on the terms of promotion, tournament or event.

Conditions of bonuses convert.
If there is not enough bonus part on playing account at the moment of wagering then only the available bonuses will be converted to real money. If there are no bonuses on playing account at all then nothing is converted to real money.

How to get bonuses?

1) First deposit bonus
Every new player who has never made deposit can get up to 3500$ in bonuses on the first deposit. Depending on amount of deposit:

Amount deposit Bonus for deposit
5$ - 9.99$ +100%
10$ - 49.99$ +150%
50$ - 199.99$ +200%
200$ - 999.99$ +300%
>1000$ +3500 bon

2) Bonuses for participating in promotions and tournaments of casino
A player can get bonuses participating in tournaments and promotions which are held in our casino.

3) Monthly bonuses
Depending on deposit amounts made for previous month a player gets bonus according to the following table:

Amount of deposit for the last month Bonus for deposit
30$ - 59.99$ +5%
60$ - 99.99$ +10%
100$ - 199.99$ +15%
200$ - 499.99$ +20%
>500$ +25%

Deposits by sms are not taken into account in calculating of monthly bonus.

4) Bonus with Vip status
For players who got VIP status , our casino makes a gift - we accrue amount of bonuses to the playing account, which complies with amount of all your deposits during the last 7 days before getting VIP status.

5) Birthday's bonus
Players get bonuses as a gift on their birthday the amount of which depends on their activity.

6) Bonus for e-mail validation
The player gets one time gift in bonuses confirming his e-mail registered in his personal profile.

Is there an exact period of bonus validity?
The lifetime of bonus during which it is possible to wager it and turn into real money is - 30 days from the date of accrual in case if there is no other personal period for particular promotion or event.
If the bonus isn't be wagered during 30 days***, the opportunity of it's wagering will disappear and starts the wagering of next bonus (if there is), while the bonus balance won't be canceled.

If you didn't login for more than 6 months, the bonus part would be charged off your account.

*** Except cases when there are other special terms on promotions or events. The exact period of validity of each bonus can be found in the Cashier >> My Bonuses.

How to refuse bonuses?
To refuse bonuses you can in section Cashier >> My Bonuses. In this case they will be charged off your account up to all active bonuses and the opportunity of bonus wagering will disappear. During the withdraw, bonuses are charged off the player's account in proportion to the amount of funds withdrawal.
For example:
The player's balance is 100$ in real money and 50$ in bonuses.
In case of withdraw 50$ in real money, 25 bonuses will be taken from the balance.

Abuse of bonus policy
It is forbidden to use mutually exclusive bets with the purpose to increase the bets in case of bonus wagering. Such actions will be regarded as an abuse of bonus policy. In case of abuse of bonus policy the casino reserves the right to disconnect the player from the bonus policy.

Table of bets account

Name of the game Account of bets percentage Bets are taken into account from
3D slots
40% 0.03$ and more
All roulettes 10% 0.10$ and more
Big Wheel
Wheel of Rich
5% 0.20$ and more
All the other games 100% 0.01$ and more
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